Employee spotlight: a chat with Sean Hutton

Brisbane-based Senior Project Manager Sean Hutton has enjoyed a lengthy and varied career with SAGE Automation since joining the company more than a decade ago. Not only has his role taken him all over Australia, it's allowed him to continually build on his existing engineering skills. We interviewed Sean to find out more about his career and life at SAGE.

Video transcript:

My name is Sean Hutton, I’m the Senior Project Manager for SAGE in Brisbane.

I’ve been working for SAGE Automation for 11 years.

I’d sum the SAGE culture up in three words as being inclusive, thoughtful and flexible...and accommodating...slash accommodating let’s say (laughs).

I love the inclusive values that the company has. Everyone from the ground up has an opinion, has a say that’s heard and I also love the flexible work hours because I’m not a morning person.

I joined SAGE Automation when I was 25 straight out of the Royal Australian Navy as an electronics technician. It was a steep learning curve for me but I was well supported working in the Adelaide office.

I spent four years in Adelaide on a raft of projects, essentially working under some senior project managers there.

I was asked if I’d like to relocate to the Darwin office because that was growing rapidly.

In total I spent 7 years in Darwin, and recently I moved to the Brisbane office for a lifestyle change. That meant that the change I wanted to make in my lifestyle, SAGE could accommodate that and I’ve moved straight into managing some projects for a water authority in Queensland. So it was a seamless change from a work perspective and the lifestyle suits what I’m after.

So for people looking to join SAGE, especially people in a grad pathway, I think SAGE is a fantastic place to work. You’re still learning, you’re trying to get industry experience. You’ll get any industry experience you’re after in any sector, and you’ll work with the cream of the crop really. Some really, really good engineers, and good leaders and managers.

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