Next phase of traffic intelligence software development underway at SAGE

SAGE’s transport and smart cities offering continues to expand, with the first day of official operations for Addinsight commencing this week.

In July, SAGE Group announced the purchase of Addinsight, real-time traffic intelligence software developed by the SA Department for Infrastructure and Transport (DIT).

Addinsight is used by every road authority in Australia and various locations in New Zealand, accurately predicting travel times on arterial road networks, and reporting abnormal delays in real-time.

The platform forms part of SAGE’s Australia-wide delivery of transport and smart cities solutions, from end-to-end transport projects, data capture and analysis, skills development and complete asset operations and maintenance.

“Addinsight enables SAGE to lead the way for creating digitally connected road networks. The Addinsight software, coupled with SAGE’s existing capability, creates a powerful integration solution”, said Damian Hewitt, Head of Smart Cities and Future Mobility at SAGE Group.

Addinsight’s new home at SAGE

With the transition of the business now complete, SAGE is proud to announce key Addinsight team members will continue to work with the platform and directly with clients. This will ensure ongoing investment and development of the platform, bringing technical expertise together to drive innovative new approaches for transport and smart cities.

James Cox and Jonathon Rossi have now commenced in their new roles and are already focused on further developments for Addinsight. One of the key objectives in the ongoing development of the platform is creating digitally connected road networks, to reduce congestion and improve road safety.

  • James-headshotAs the original creator of Addinsight within DIT, James brings more than 20 years of experience as a transport planner and modeller in both the public and private sectors. Joining SAGE as Addinsight Product Manager, James will be focused on product roadmap development, training and customer support.



Head of Technology for Addinsight, Jonathon will lead the technical direction of the platform, working as the primary software engineer to see it further develop and grow. Jonathon has been involved in the development of Australian Intelligent Transport Systems for more than 14 years.

Having James and Jonathon continue their work with Addinsight will be hugely beneficial for current clients, as well as expanding the SAGE offering, explains Mr Hewitt.

“SAGE Group has a wealth of knowledge and experience driving innovation in transport and smart cities. James and Jonathon bring extensive expertise in traffic modelling, transport planning and software development, and are crucial to the ongoing development of Addinsight,” he said.

Official operations of Addinsight have now commenced under SAGE Group.

Together, SAGE and Addinsight will offer an extensive capability for road authorities and local government. To learn more about SAGE's transport offering, see some of our recent projects. 

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