SAGE Group collaborates with AWS to accelerate development of IoT solutions

SAGE Group, a leading industrial digitalisation service provider in Australia, this week announced it is working with Amazon Web Services (AWS), an company, to help customers modernise their industrial operations using cloud technologies.

Industrial customers have vast amounts of data they want to use to drive faster and more informed decisions to optimise their operations. However, this data is typically locked into legacy and disparate systems on the factory floor, making it difficult for customers to collect and store that data, and then apply advanced analytics on the data, such as artificial intelligence, or machine learning.

To address customers’ needs to extract insights from their data and deliver business outcomes such as productivity gains or reducing energy expenditure, SAGE will develop two new solutions on AWS:

  • cloud-first historian, which enables businesses to collect time-series operational technology (OT) data and build their analytics capability; and

  • Quality Vision System, a “plug-and-play" vision-based quality system to enable the detection of product and process defects in real-time during manufacturing and industrial processing operations.


These solutions will use AWS IoT services, including AWS IoT Core, AWS IoT SiteWise, and AWS IoT Greengrass, as well as AWS storage, analytics, and machine learning services, delivered to the industrial market through SAGE’s consulting and digital transformation services.

The SAGE Group of Companies will implement services for hardware devices, software development, consulting, and provide onboarding support for AWS solutions throughout Australia.

For industrial operators wanting to unlock their OT data, this means better access to tools to make use of data – such as data capture abilities, processing, storage, analytics, and machine learning initiatives. SAGE will support these operators with the technical expertise and solution implementation to drive improvements in their organisation’s efficiency, sustainability, competitiveness, and profitability.

SAGE Group, an AWS Select Tier Software Partner since 2021, is a global organisation, headquartered in Adelaide, South Australia. The SAGE Group of Companies includes SAGE Automation (industrial automation and control), Nukon (digital transformation and delivery company), Skills Lab (Industry 4.0 training), and Embedded Expertise (technical talent placement), as well as software solutions TilliT and Addinsight.

Since first joining the AWS Partner Network (APN) in 2020, SAGE has implemented AWS solutions in key projects for clients across resources (mining), manufacturing, utilities, and waste management.

In 2021, TilliT - a software solution backed by the SAGE Group - became an AWS Select Tier Software Partner. TilliT combines planning, execution, and analysis of manufacturing processes in one application, reducing the reliance on paper-based processes.  

SAGE Group Managing Director, Adrian Fahey, acknowledged the Group’s entire capability as a reason why the relationship with AWS is so valuable.

“As an industrial digitalisation service provider, this collaboration with AWS reflects the level of capability in our organisation, and the experience we have getting OT data in the cloud and combining it with a deep understanding of operational requirements to drive successful outcomes for our clients. We value impactful relationships that deliver innovative solutions for our clients, across all SAGE Group companies,” said Mr. Fahey.

As part of this initiative, SAGE engineers and technical team members will continue to gain further AWS training opportunities, ensuring their skills remain at the highest level. Currently, SAGE Group has more than 10 certifications and 29 accreditations through APN.

Continued innovation across industry

SAGE has established a diverse offering for industrial operators in recent years - growing from a foundation in automation to a comprehensive digitalisation services company – with specialist optimisation, skills, talent placement, and cyber capability. This offering requires strong partnerships to ensure key skills and technology are accessible, in order to better serve the industry.

SAGE has Australia’s deepest and broadest capability across technology platforms, achieving the highest level of certification and partnership with all automation vendors. The SAGE Group of Companies, including SAGE Automation, Nukon, Skills Lab, and Embedded Expertise, have been able to further complement this through engagements and partnerships that align and support information technology and operational technology, effectively bridging the gap for many organisations.


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