Unlocking the Potential: Generative AI in Operational Technology

At the forefront of technological advancement lies generative artificial intelligence (AI), a transformative force reshaping industries from the ground up.

Recently, I had the privilege of hosting a series of discussions with experts in cyber security and operational technology (OT) organised by SAGE Group. Delving deep into the implications of generative AI, these conversations illuminated a path forward that is fraught with challenges but teeming with potential.

AI Best Thinking Breakfast-Melbourne-Steve-SammartinoSteve's talk at SAGE's Best Thinking Breakfast event in Melbourne.

In our hyper-connected world, where consumer-centric applications often steal the limelight, the impact of emergent technologies on critical infrastructure demands our attention. The insights gleaned from these sessions underscored the profound shifts underway in operational landscapes, from newfound efficiencies to the looming spectre of cyber risks.

A technological revolution unfolds

Generative AI isn't just another innovation; it's a revolution in the making.

Much like electricity, the motor vehicle, and the internet before it, generative AI possesses the hallmark traits of a transformative force. It exudes an aura of magic, capable of weaving wonders with its multifaceted abilities. Moreover, it's democratised, and accessible to all, signalling a seismic shift in how we interact with technology.

This revolution isn't confined to ivory towers; it permeates every facet of our existence, fundamentally altering the way we work, communicate, and create. With generative AI, we're witnessing the birth of a horizontal technology, transcending boundaries, and spanning diverse domains. It's akin to a language user interface (LUI), empowering us to wield the power of creation through our preferred mode of expression.


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Navigating the new frontier

As we chart a course through this uncharted territory, wielding generative AI as our compass, we must hone our skills as AI artisans.

Unlike its predecessors, this form of AI demands a nuanced approach, akin to coaxing a fledgling mind to fruition. Prompt engineering emerges as a linchpin in this endeavour, guiding our interactions with AI towards desired outcomes.

The transition from a digital filing cabinet to a sentient repository of knowledge marks a paradigm shift in how we harness information. No longer tethered to preconceived notions, generative AI serves as a blank canvas, waiting to be imbued with the essence of our collective wisdom.

 GPTs: the new paradigm

Enter the era of GPTs—the progeny of generative AI, poised to revolutionise how we interact with technology.

Much like apps today, GPTs offer boundless possibilities, tailored to suit specific needs in both personal and corporate spheres. With the ability to craft bespoke AIs with a mere keystroke, we're witnessing the democratisation of innovation on an unprecedented scale.


Embracing uncertainty: a call to action

During this technological upheaval, one thing remains certain: the need for courage. As we navigate the murky waters of uncertainty, fuelled by unresolved business models and legal quandaries, embracing new capabilities becomes paramount.

With AI as our guide, we possess a newfound arsenal of knowledge, capable of illuminating the path ahead even in the densest fog.

For cyber security matters, this call to action takes on added urgency. With the advent of internal corporate AIs, safeguarding sensitive data becomes imperative, lest we expose ourselves to unforeseen risks. As SAGE cyber security expert Jeremy Hulse aptly reminds us, effective protection hinges on a multi-pronged approach, encompassing not just what we know, but also who we are and what we possess.

The AI journey ahead and how we get there

As we stand on the precipice of a new era defined by generative AI, the journey ahead brims with promise and peril in equal measure. Yet, armed with courage and conviction, we possess the means to shape this brave new world to our liking. Let us seize the moment, harnessing the transformative power of AI to forge a future limited only by our imagination.


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About the author

Futurist Steve Sammartino is a dynamic force in technology, renowned globally for his engaging stage presence. An expert in the profound implications of artificial intelligence on business and society, Steve has been immersed in Computational Intelligence systems from the tender age of 10.

Sammartino's accomplishments include being a bestselling author of three technology-focused books, a TED talk speaker, and the host of the TV show The Rebound, on Channel 9. His practical insights, drawn from personal tech ventures, distinguish him as a speaker who transcends theoretical discussions. With a track record of turning complex topics into relatable content, his viral videos, including a drivable Lego Car, have garnered over 100 million views. As a respected media commentator, Steve's authoritative voice makes his speeches an essential window into the future of technology.

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